Kiss your measly music collection goodbye and instantly upgrade your music collection to 20 million songs

How is this possible you ask? The geniuses over at Algoriddim and Spotify have joined forces allowing the number one selling DJ app that completely integrates with Spotify.  With your premium subscription to Spotify (about $10 a month) you get instant access to 20 million songs through Spotify over your Wi-Fi connection.  Now you can say “Yes” to anyone asking you if you have a particular song before they even finish asking the question.

Algoriddim has been around for awhile.  Founded in 2006, they were the first company to make it possible to DJ music and videos on Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.  You might have seen their first app called djay, which was considered  “cute” or “hokey” and real DJs wouldn’t be caught dead using it at any event. Over time, Algoriddim improved their software and app and added a lot of cutting edge DJ features that when used with a compatible controller, becomes a viable option for DJs looking to use their iPad, phone, or computer.  The DJ world started to see the potential with this software and their app.  In no time, DJ manufacturers began making dedicated DJ controllers for the program and app. Today there are a range of DJ controllers for this software which include some high-end controllers.

This program is NO JOKE.  Algoriddim has collaborated with some of the biggest DJs in the world to create the best possible software and app for your computer, tablet, or phone.  Here are just some of their DJ Ambassadors:

David Guetta
Snoop Dogg
Armin Van Buuren
DJ Qbert
Far East Movement
Milk & Sugar
DJ Angelo
and hundreds more!!

These DJs have amazing skills and have embraced this new software.  They have, shouldn’t you?!!!  Check out the video for a basic overview of this program.

Just think how much better you could be if you have 20 million songs at your disposal.

Algoriddim’s flagship product djay, the world’s best selling DJ app for iPhone and iPad as well as software for your computer, is popular with an international audience of consumers, professional DJs, and renowned artists. It has won prestigious awards including the Apple Design Award and was named App of the Year by Apple in more than 100 countries as part of App Store Rewind 2011. With the release of djay 2 in 2013, Algoriddim has topped the charts at #1 ranked app overall for both iPhone and iPad on the App Store.


NAMM 2015 New DJ Product update

To no one’s surprise, the 2015 NAMM show in Anaheim California had a ton of new DJ product announcements from all the top DJ brands such as Pioneer, Reloop, Allen & Heath, Numark, Denon, and many more. We here at JK Pro Audio are pleased to announce this year’s hot new products. Here is what we found:


Pioneer DJ is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2015 and they have announced new products.

XDJ-RX Rekordbox DJ System with built in screen
All in one 2 channel DJ Controller specifically designed around their proprietary rekordbox music management software. What makes this controller stand out amongst the rest is its ability to be used without a computer connected to the controller when performing. Just connect two USB thumb drives to the controller and manage your music within the rekordbox software in the controller.

The XDJ-RX offers a 7 inch monitor allowing full control with the Rekordbox features including. This is no entry level controller. It offers true professional features from the flagship Nexus lineup including library browse control, 4 color FX, 8 Beat FX, Conductive platters with smoother and faster response, High and low pass filter, Quantized looping. New loop slice with continuous mode, sync, and auto beat loop.

Price $1499 – Shipping Spring 2015

HDJ-2000mk2 Professional DJ HeapdhonesThis is Pioneer’s top-of-the-line DJ Headphone. This new model offers the same superior sound quality and sound isolation as it predecessor but has improved its construction and refined new looks. We here at JK Pro Audio agree that this new model could quite possibly be the sexiest headphones on the market.


Numark might have the most new products at this year’s NAMM show than any other DJ company. 16 new products on display at the show. We are very impressed with their new product assortment. The new products are as follows:

This is the latest version of the best selling NS7 Serato DJ Controller. It’s hard to improve perfection but Numark found a way. This newest version incorporates three color displays that show real time feedback of Serato DJ.

Mixtrack Pro III
One of the most popular 2 channel inexpensive DJ controllers, Numark has beefed up this entry level Serato DJ controller by adding a filter knob per channel and a multi-function touch strip for dynamic FX control and Strip Search. (sounds frisky!!). This newer version is bundled with Serato DJ and is available in a sexy black verse the older grey color

Price TBA – Shipping Spring

Mixtrack III
The Mixtrack III is the newest version of the Mixtrack and offers all the same features as the Mixtrack Pro III but just without a built in soundcard. This controller is perfect for any DJ or Studio performer that already has a soundcard and has no need for another device with a soundcard built in. The Mixtrack III is bundled with Virtual DJ LE 8 as well as Prime Loops for adding loops and samples to your set.

Price TBA – Shipping Spring

Compact Powered DJ Loudspeaker with built-in Duall array LED light show

OK, as much as we wanted to hate this idea, we have to admit it’s freakin cool. The built in LED bars offers 5 different light modes: Mood, Meter, Mix, Pulse, and Party mode. Full control over the brightness allowing you to add a little ambiance to the room for crank it up for a full light show. The lightwave offers a 200 Watt peak amp and has three 6.5 inch woofers stacked on top of eachother and a 1 inch tweeter at the top. This speaker is definitely an attention getter and breaks the mold of the boring standard speaker design. Very cool.

HF Wireless
Everyone has been asking for wireless DJ Headphones and Numark is showing their new HF Wireless DJ Headphones. We here at JK Pro Audio are very critical when it comes to headphones and we have to admit these headphones seem to be perfect. They have a great look as well as a great feel. They are loaded with features and options such as wired or wireless mode, on ear cups with enhanced bass response, Bluetooth 4.0 technology with a range of 30 feet. That’s quite impressive for Bluetooth. The headphone also offers a built in mic. How cool is that?!!

The NV has been out for a little while now but this was the first time it was on display at the NAMM show. This was one of the first controllers to incorporate full color displays that provide 11 real time visualizations for Serato DJ. This seems to be the new trend in controllers and Numark did it right.

USB/CD Media Player and Software Controller. This is a Serato Certified tabletop multi media player. You might be asking “what does that mean?” This tabletop Multi media player is a table top scratch CD player that can also play music from USB drives, CD’s or a MP3 CD. If using Serato, no Serato Discs are necessary. This is a very cool inexpensive tabletop player.

Price TBA – Shipping: Spring

Other new items on display at the NAMM both are:

Desktop Active DJ Speakers for Home DJ setups 60 Watt speakers

Desktop Active DJ Speakers for Home DJ setups. 80 watt speakers

Price: TBA – Shipping: Spring

Compact collapsible DJ Headphones

On ear DJ Headphones

Over the ear DJ Headphones

Two Channel DJ mixer w/ phono and line inputs

M101USB Black
Two Channel DJ mixer w/ phono and line inputs. USB in and out as well

M6USB Black
Four Channel USB DJ mixer

M2 Black
Two channel Scratch DJ mixer

M4 Black
Four channel Scratch DJ Mixer


Professional Serato Controller

Continuing from the success of the MC6000 and MC6000mkII, the new MC4000 is a two channel Serato DJ Controller offering all the controls needed for today’s DJ. The MC4000 is one of the very few DJ Controllers that offers two mic inputs. Ideal for mobile DJs, small clubs and bars. The MC4000 offers steel construction and offers more performance features yet is less crowded on the surface than its predecessor. This is mostly due to being a two channel controller vs a four channel.

Serato DVS Interface

Yup, you heard correct. We all thought the day would never come. We still have a hard time believing this is actually happening. It seems the reign of Rane is over. Denon displayed their super slim and compact pocket design of their take on an interface box. This is the Denon version of the Rane Serato SL2. It offers to deck inputs for turntables or standard CD players. 24-bit Audio interface w/ superior sound quality processing. We love it because it’s compact, high quality, and priced right.
Price $399 – Shipping: Spring

A letter of thanks from one of our customers

Most of the time in the pro audio industry, we hear complains and not praise. We recently received a letter from one of our customers we would like to share. A special thanks goes out to Justin for making this possible.

Keith Roberts 1/15/14
Mystique Entertainment

To whom it may concern,
I would like to personally thank JK <Pro> Audio and particularly Justin S for handle my first <purchase> like a pro! This was my first experience ordering with JK <Pro> Audio.

When I placed my order it was just before the New Years 2014. My order consisted of $500.00 worth of items for my DJ business. One of the items was back ordered and had to be delivered at a later date than everything else. At that point I recieved a call from Justin inquiring if I needed that item for the upcoming NYE?

That spoke volumes to me as a customer!

Next when the back ordered item was delivered, it was stolen from my door step !

I emailed Justin and he quickly provided me with assistance by getting back to me quickly and
even reaching out on the weekend to resolve my situation.

Long story short, my replaced package is on its way and I appreciate JK <Pro> Audio & Justin for
keeping old school great service alive!

Thank You,
Keith Roberts
Mystique Entertainment, Boston

Only a few days left to get your Native

Only a few days left to get your Native S4 at $799 before the price goes up. We have two left. Get yours before they are gone!

Another year another DJ Expo…

You heard me right, we are getting ready to take our crew to the Atlantic City DJ Expo to check out the latest DJ gear and get educated so we can pass our smarts onto you, our customers.

Check out our Facebook page and Twitter to see what we find.



Another Contest, Another Winner!

We are proud to announce the winner of our 2nd prize contest and the recipient of a brand new Vestax Typhoon is Christian Rasmussen.
Keep reviewing products on our website to be entered for a chance to win the next prize. Details will be announced soon.



JK Pro Audio prize contest ends June 30

JK Pro Audio prize contest ends June 30 enter now to win!

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